Digital Marketing Tips and Best Practices

For sure, a lot of people would have stopped viewing a website if they must wait for it to loadWaiting is always a problemWhen it comes to websites, everyone expects nothing less than fast-loading ones. Anything inferior isn’t worth the wait in today’s fast-paced world. If your website is like thatthen you mustn’t have updated it for quite some time. Now is the time that you do so.  

Speed is a key component of your site’s performance. If the goal is to lower calls to your customer service department or get better-targeted leads, then you should optimize your website properly. That’s the hub of an expert’s digital marketing strategy. Without website optimization, it’s going to be difficult for any website to achieve its goals. 

Digital Marketing and Website Efficiency 

A lot of consumers say that when it comes to online information search, load time is a very important factor. As per Google, if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 53% of visits through mobile phones are abandoned. Studies suggest that to achieve a higher revenue a fast website is necessary. Web pages taking up to 5 seconds to load earn 2x more than a website that takes 20 seconds to load.   

Google also sent out a survey asking users what they want between 30 and 10 search results for every site. Google showed 30 results and the traffic to those pages dropped by 20%. The only difference between the 10 and 30 search results is half a second. It only goes to show that half a second impact a huge difference in traffic.  

Other Aspects of Digital Marketing and Optimization  

There are other aspects to digital marketing and website optimization that you must take note of when updating your website. The list below should help you out.  

  1. Hosting 

Regardless if you choose to stay with your existing provider or you want to move to a new provider, a few important web hosting factors must be consideredFirst, you should ensure that your host offers 24/7 customer care servicesBe sure that their reviews are good because you don’t want to deal with complaints.  

  1. Image sizes 

Images and files are vital resources for any website because they help increase sales while invoking your audience’s emotions. These are what tells the stories you want to share on your website. You can’t build a successful website without them. However, these images should be optimized to achieve the desired effect. Otherwise, they will only make load time slower, which could negatively affect a visitor’s experience.  

  1. Apps and Plug-ins

Plugins and apps provide the functionality to your website. Most plugins are tasked to load your front-end resources, such as images, CSS stylesheets, and JavaScript files while others are intended for back-end server calls. Many plugins can only load resources via HTTP requests. These requests affect the load time of a website’s pages. 

These are but a few of the considerations that you must look at if you want your website to be successful. You are encouraged to talk to an expert Houston digital marketer to understand these concepts better.  

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